transformers, mass effect, thief, artwork, and other nerdy stuff. i roleplay as myself with this account because - surprise! im a nerd. windblade with drink by ms-miracle who is super fabulous~


Q: sneakymedulla what the hell is wrong with you
A: i am mentally retarded

Q: what is wrong with overlord’s face
A: nothing, he is perfectly fine. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE, HUH?!

Q: why does black shadow have a weird look on his face
A: he is trying to be creepy or something, man idk

Q: why did you do this
A: i was feeling squirrely and i may have had a bag full of candy

Q: why is he more displeased with you than he is by giggling, autobots, and lip-jokes
A: idk man you should ask him that question

Q: can you help me with my math homework
A: no

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  6. xxxsoundwavexxx said: -There would be a last stage including murder but that mostly applies when he somehow has his jealous or sulky days. Not that he would have anything to do with this-
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