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I love how IDW Megatron steadfastly refuses to reveal if he’s forged or constructed cold. I especially love it because I think the odds are that Megatron was forged - that in this case, he’s actually a member of the group that has the social privilege.

Megatron is probably a “Point One Percenter,” although that’s never spelled out in the comics as far as I’m aware. If he is, as far as I can tell that means that he was forged, not constructed cold.

Odds are, Megatron is the one with the social privilege here. Confirming that he’s forged wouldn’t hurt him. Socially, it could probably only boost his status - despite the years since the apartheid, there are enough comments made among the cast, and enough unwillingness to reveal their modes of construction, to show that some lingering bias remains. But Megatron refuses to reveal his mode of construction, not because he fears any personal loss of status, but because he thinks the entire system is rotten.

He wants no part in it. He wanted no part in the Functionists categorizing people by their alt-mode, which directly hurt him. But he also wants no part in the segregation by mode of construction, even if he would be on the side that benefits from that segregation.

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Hey guys. I have some advice for the attack blog, it’s a bit long but here we go.

1. If you or a friend are currently on the “list”, here’s what you can do (you MUST BE ON the list for this, let your friends know).  

  • Take a screenshot of the list with your URL on it (this is so that you have evidence in case they try to get rid of it)
  • If they have any posts about you on their blog, screenshot those as well
  • If you have received any hatemail that you believe to be the result of the “list”, get xkit and use their timestamps function - take screenshots of all messages with timestamps (so you can prove/verify when they came in)
  • Go to your email and open up a new message addressed to “”
  • Keeping as professional a tone as possible, explain the situation and how it affects you. While libel (the written form of slander) is tough to prove/beat, you can still make efforts to remove the published content.

2. Do NOT engage the moderators
3. Do NOT respond to any hate mail - screenshot it, then delete it
4. Do NOT reblog or reply to any posts accusing you of doing any of the things they claim you are
5. Aside from sending the email, do NOT do anything regarding the hate blog, do not even post about it on your own blog. You want to make sure that Tumblr staff can’t write you off as an instigator or participator.
6. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ENGAGED THE BLOG: If you kept your own tone civil and did not sling any accusations back at them, use derogatory language, or otherwise seem like you were “fighting back”, take screenshots and include them in your email, especially if they resorted to any of the previously mentioned behavior (I’m sure they did).

If everyone on the “list” sends in a report, Tumblr staff will do something about it. 

Most importantly: Take care of yourself. If the fallout of this blog is affecting you badly enough:

  • Put your blog on hiatus (you DON’T have to delete if you don’t genuinely want to. The trolls will eventually grow bored. If you do end up deleting, consider backing up what you have on your blog so you don’t lose your hard work. See the next point) and give contact info to anyone that you want to stay in touch with while you’re away.
  • Ask someone that you trust to mod your blog for a while. Give them the login info, have them change it if you feel like you might be tempted, and ask them to just go in and delete any hate messages that come your way.
  • Spoil yourself. You are a human being and you deserve to be treated like one. Go out with friends or go out alone. Take a long hot bath. Eat food that makes you happy/feel good.  If exercise is something that helps you clear your mind, get exercise. Get a massage if you can afford it. Drink LOTS of water.  Dress in whatever clothes make you feel comfy and safe.
  • Come back when you’re ready, and no sooner. Your rp partners can wait.

One more thing: 

I saw a mention on the blog about the mods having someone’s IP address, and I want you all to know that it is and has always been a popular scare tactic on Tumblr to scream “I know where you live”. They don’t, I promise you. They know where your internet provider is located. The internet provider could be in your city, or it could be in the next one over, or it could be way off. They don’t have your address. Even if they did, the minute they start giving it out for the purpose of getting you hurt, they start treading the fine line of criminal activity.  Please do not panic.  You guys all have amazing friends that want to help you, focus on them do what you can for yourselves.

Bolded the end because it’s extremely important. Thank you for taking the time to send this.